How to Film & Submit Your Video

Submitting a Holiday-themed video for Winter Concert 2021? Please make sure that you have “officially” signed up to perform using the online form. You have until Sunday, December 19th to send us the video.

I hope you find this page helpful. Please feel free to email me with any additional questions, comments or concerns about your video recording and/or submitting process:


Before you film:

  • Learn your music. Memorizing/internalizing it is recommended. It’s not about practicing the piece until you “get it right”. Practice it until you can’t get it wrong.

  • Find the best quality device in the house. In general, a phone will have better quality audio/video than a Chromebook. Who’s got that new iPhone? And no, this is NOT an excuse to go buy a new phone. I’m sure whatever you have already will be fine.

  • If you’re playing along to a recording, get a pair of headphones (and make sure you can hear the music at least as loud as you can hear your own instrument). All students recording a “social” style video (not just a solo performance) MUST use headphones. Do not play the backing track over a speaker. We need the video to capture YOUR sound, and your sound only.

  • Hold your phone HORIZONTALLY! Not vertically. I mean SIDEWAYS. This is NOT the way you hold it when you call Music Time with a minimum of 24 hrs notice to say you will be missing your next lesson.

  • Frame your video to show your as much as possible of both yourself & your instrument. The wider angle the better. Please make sure we can see your face & hands, at the very least.

On filming day:

  • Use natural daylight (NOT “BACK LIGHT”) to make you, the musician, look ever so beautiful. Go outside, open the curtains? Please make sure there is NOT a bright light (or the sun) coming in from BEHIND the performer. This is called “backlight” and it results in terribly overexposed shots. Friends don’t let friends shoot back-lit video. Thanks, friend.

After you film:

  1. Email with link to download the original, UNCOMPRESSED video file. Links to YouTube cannot be accepted.

We can accept videos via just about any cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, iClould, WeTransfer, etc.). If this sounds like gibberish to you, call us & we’ll help. Send a telegram (preferably singing?) or simply write us on the Pony Express). Carrier pigeons not accepted (due to pandemic).