summer & extended vacations

At Music Time, we do our best to accommodate for summer vacations & other times of extended travel. It’s our goal to find solutions that work for everyone involved. We hope that you find this information helpful. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any additional questions or would like clarification about your particular situation.

When considering number of lessons missed, please refer to our Studio Calendar. We close for one week around 4th of July & two weeks around Christmas and New Year. We also close for a week of Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break and several Monday holidays.

Missing 1, 2 or 3 Lessons?

As long as we receive 24 hours’ notice of your absence, you are eligible for make-up lessons (subject to availability). Your make-up lessons can be with ANY teacher on ANY instrument, online or in-person. You can double up on lessons either before you leave or when you return. You can check out that other instrument that always looked fun (drums, anyone??).

We do not offer billing adjustments for students that are missing 3 or fewer lessons and wish to keep their currently scheduled appointments.

Missing 4 or more Lessons?

With 30 days’ notice of your extended absence:
  1. You are welcome to continue regular tuition payments and have make-up lessons with any teacher on any instrument, just like with shorter absences (described above). You’ll keep your regular spot on the schedule when you return.
  1. You can leave a deposit/advance payment and we’ll hold your spot on the schedule. Deposits are processed as regular tuition payments during the extended absence. The tuition paid during your absence will be credited on your account & applied when you return. No new payments will occur until the deposit/advance payments have run out. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT NOTICE OF TEMPORARY WITHDRAWL

Example: You let us know BEFORE July 1st that you’re gone August 1st to 28th. You’ll miss 4 lessons. You do not want to lose your spot in the schedule. Your August 1st tuition will process as usual; however, it will cover the lessons you take in September. No additional tuition will process on September 1st. Regular tuition payments will resume on October 1st.

  1. You can stop your payments altogether & release your spot on the schedule. This is similar to quitting lessons. When you’re ready to return, just contact us to see what day/time is available. Without payment, we cannot hold spots. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT WRITTEN NOTICE OF TERMINATION
With LESS THAN 30 days’ notice of your extended absence:

No billing adjustments can be done with less than 30 days’ notice. As per our policies, tuition is due until 30 days WRITTEN notice of termination is received.

You are welcome to continue tuition payments as usual and make-up any missed lessons (as long as a minimum of 24-hours’ notice of the absence is received). This will ensure your spot is held for you on the schedule. Extended absences with less than 24-hours notification to the office are considered no-shows & are not eligible for make-ups.

If you do not wish to hold your spot on the schedule, we still need 30 days’ notice to stop payments. You’ll be billed for the final 30 days of lessons, whether or not you are in town to attend. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT WRITTEN NOTICE OF TERMINATION