Music Time Academy is the best! The teachers are amazing. My daughter’s piano and guitar teacher is really awesome. He’s knowledgeable and patient, and invests a lot in teaching my daughter the fundamentals of music. I feel she’s learned 5X of what she would have in any other regular school, because of the quality of the instructors here.

Music Time also organizes a couple of recitals in a year in the Bothwell Arts Center in Livermore. The shows are organized extremely well, the kids get the experience of performing in bands in front of a large(ish) audience of a couple of 100 people right from early days in their learning journey.

Music Time also organizes smaller shows for individual performances. This encourages the students to practice and prepare themselves for a show, accelerating their learning, apart from the amazing experience of performing for an audience.

Music Time Academy provides an unparalleled learning experience, we are so lucky to have found this music school!

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― Sheroy M.